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LATEST NEWS: Berlin Incident and Aviva Travel Policy

To be eligible to join the scheme you must be a subscribing member of the Police Federation.

To join or to upgrade your Group Insurance Scheme please complete the following Forms.

If you have any medical issues to declare then complete the Full Health Declaration Form

If they have any medical issues to declare - complete the Full Health Declaration Form

Members and/or partners who are currently paying for the top level of life cover can apply for top ups
To do so complete the following forms

If you have medical conditions to declare then complete the Full Health Declaration Form

Top Ups are available to both Members and Partners as follows

Member - £25k, £50k & £75k
Partner - £12,500 & £25k

To apply, complete the relevant form.
If any health issues exist, please declare them on the Full Health Declaration Form above and return it with the application forms to the Federation Office.

To Join the Retired Group Insurance Scheme

Complete the Retired Officers Application Form
and Retired Officers Direct Debit
Also Complete the Retired Health Declaration Form

When completed return to your Federation Office

Beneficiary Nomination Forms
Members should complete Beneficiary Nomination Forms to state who you wish the life cover to go to in the event of death
Download the appropriate forms, complete and return it to your Federation Office to add to your record

Member Beneficiary Nomination Form
Partner Beneficiary Nomination Form
Retired Beneficiary Nomination Form

Half Pay
If you have been notified that you are about to go onto half pay then your claim can be made via your Group Insurance. You will be written to by the Federation asking you to complete the Half Pay form below.

Half pay Policy

Half pay form

Claim Forms- Available to download here for

Claims for the loss of unsociable hours can be made if
  • You are a member of the scheme
  • It is no later than 30 days of your return to work date
  • You have actually been off work sick
  • DMS shows the hours that you missed

Please note that the first 14 days sickness is not applicable

Personal Accident & Sickness Claim Form

Hospitalisation Form - to claim for hospitalisation of 3 nights plus

Life Cover Claim Form - in the event of death (Claim Form Life Including Child, & Terminal Prognosis Advance Payment)

Legal Assistance

ARC Police Officers Legal Assistance


RAC Policy including Europe
RAC Cover Abroad Contact details


Personal Accident Policy
Personal Accident Summary of Cover

Legal and Tax Helpline: 0344 770 1058
Use the 24 hour advisory service for telephone advice on any private legal or taxation matter of concern to you.

When you call say that you are a Member of Lancashire Police Federation Legal Expenses Scheme, or that you are a member of his or her family. They will ask you for a brief summary of the problem and pass these details on to an Adviser who will return your call.

Lifestyle Helpline: 0800 177 7894
Your Police Federation recognises that sometimes you may need help to manage a difficult issue which may arise at home or work. To complement the support the Federation provide, an (independent) telephone counselling and information service is available to you as part of this assistance package. The service can help with a range of problems from practical everyday matters to sensitive or emotional issues. It is also recognised that managing money well is sometimes overlooked in the pressures of our daily lives.

You can talk about any financial concerns or worries through Our Debt Counselling Helpline. Expert confidential help is at hand through our trained independent counsellors ready to assist with counselling, support, advice and help. If your debt is complicated the counsellor can also direct your call to our specialist debt experts who will talk through the stages of prioritising the debts and steps to resolution.

Importantly once you are managing your money concerns the support of our counsellors is available 24/7 to help you find better ways to control future spending and deal with money related issues.

Legal Document Service
As an addition benefit you have access to Law Assistance, our on line legal document service.
This will provide you with:

  • access to a range of free legal documents

  • a step by step walkthrough to assist you in completing the documents

  • access to a variety of family and business law documents which you can try for free before purchasing

The service can be accessed by visiting where you can register your details using the voucher code available from Your Federation