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Dear Member,

As you will be aware, there is an on going "Shift Review" taking place within Eastern Division which is considering the whole structure and look of the existing shift rotas and how they meet the current and future demands within the organisation.

This process is being undertaken in consultation with Police Federation and we are keen to ensure the process is communicated to all parties concerned at every stage. To that end we have received assurances at the highest level that there will be some key messages coming out from the organisation next week.

Further to this Ch Supt Rhodes will be holding the first of three face to face briefings at the following times and locations, in relation to the possible change in shift patterns for Eastern Division. All Eastern officers are invited to attend any of these briefings.

    9th September 2009 @ 13.00 location, Gt. Harwood Meeting Room.

    15th September 2009 @12.30 location, Greenbank Briefing Room.

    22nd September 2009 @12.30 location, Greenbank Briefing Room.

It is understandable that any talk of significant changes to rotas is going to generate a great deal of concern and discussion amongst officers. As a consequence of that discussion there is a great deal of confusion and misinformation already in circulation, mainly in respect of "proposed rotas". We in the Federation Office have been sent a number of "proposed rotas" that enquiries have shown have neither been circulated or considered by the shift review team.

Notwithstanding the above, I and the Federation Secretary had a meeting yesterday with Supt Pemberton who assured us that the shift review is now consulting fully with the Quest Team to establish in the first instance the demand profile within Eastern Division. Then and only then will the shift review team start to consider in detail any suitable rotas and they will take into account all of the individual, corporate and community issues within that process.

We have received further reassurances that contrary to further rumours circulating, whatever rota is ultimately piloted within Eastern Division, that pilot will not commence until after the Christmas/New Year period so existing Eastern Division rotas will remain in operation throughout that period.

We will remain in close contact with the shift review team and as soon as any specific proposals are known we will ensure they are communicated promptly across the organisation.

John P O'Reilly
JBB Chairman
Lancashire Police Federation

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