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It's important that you and your family stay healthy, now and in the future. Our health plans are there to help you do just that. Say goodbye to waiting for GP appointments, get treatment when you need it for Support your loved ones too

The whole family can take advantage of your health plan, with up to four children (under the ages of 18) covered free on your policy with their own benefit entitlement.

Here's how it works

Our health plans make it easy to get money back towards health appointments and check-ups. Our online claims system is so simple to use, you can submit a claim in minutes.

1. Attend your appointment

2. Submit a photo or scan of your receipt

3. We'll process your claim and pay the money directly into your bank account

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Smart Employee Eye care

As of 1st March 2018, Lancashire Constabulary will be partnering with Smart Employee Eye care (SEE) to provide employees with occupational eyewear aimed at aiding staff who may need prescription glasses for use at work.

Employees looking to obtain a DSE voucher will be required to access the SEE online portal, where the relevant vouchers are provided. You will be asked to provide some basic details such as your name, collar number, department and division before a voucher is generated to you and send via email. The email will include an attachment - this is your unique eye care voucher which must be printed off and presented to an optician on arrival to your appointment. The vouchers can be redeemed at any of our 3,000 affiliated Opticians across the UK. This includes high street branches such as Boots, Vision Express and Optical Express as well as many independent Opticians. Employees will not be able to claim back on expenses for tests carried out elsewhere.

Employees using a DSE voucher will be entitled to an eye examination free of charge and should the Opticain determine that glasses are required specifically the DSE use, you will have two options:

  1. Choose a pair of glasses from the SEE range which would be of no additional cost to you;


  2. Choose a pair of glasses from the Opticaians range and receive a discount of £25 off the total cost of your purchase.

Eye Test and Glasses Staff Guidance

BUPA Healthcare Scheme - Administrated by Phil Williams & Co

The BUPA Healthcare Scheme is open to Police Officers, their families and Police Staff and is paid via direct debit. Download the detailed Application Form and Direct Debit Form to become a member. There is no waiting period to access consultations and treatment. Pre-existing conditions must be disclosed upon application and will be excluded as will any pre-existing Chronic Conditions. There is a £100 excess each year - compulsory per member (if claim made in the year). There is a choice of specialist and hospital location. To join simply download and complete the form and direct debit to Phil Williams and Co. as per the address on the forms.

BUPA Healthcare Monthly Rates

BUPA Policy Summary

The PMAS Healthcare Scheme

The PMAS Healthcare Scheme is open to Police Officers, their families and Police Staff. There is no six months moratorium - covered from first premium paid. Pre-existing conditions do not have to be disclosed and there is no medical examination required - although you cannot join to access treatment as member's status would be checked via their GP. There is a £100 excess per episode - compulsory per member. There is a choice of specialist and hospital location via Nuffield and BMI Hospitals. Where possible the member should use NHS to take advantage of the generous Cash Benefit payable per night. There is a £30,000 per year cover restriction - although special cases may be considered by the PHS Mangement Committee.

Application Forms are available from your Federation office on 017712 412520 or email

Benenden Healthcare Society

Benenden offers affordable discretionary healthcare services. All our members pay the same low monthly fee regardless of age and any pre-existing medical conditions. Our services are designed to complement not replicate those provided by the NHS, and our discretionary nature means that we can look for ways we can help our members, assessing each situation on a case-by-case basis. There is no limit to the number of times we can help you - every time you need to call on us, we will look for the most appropriate way we can help you.

  • >  No medicals
  • >   No exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions
  • >   No excesses
  • >   Anyone aged over 16 and resident in the UK can join
  • >   Children under 16 can be added to an adult's membership
  • >   Everyone pays the same low monthly fee


Whether you're ready to join us or just need more information, please visit our website