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Injury on Duty - CICA


The present Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme is governed by The Criminal Injuries Compensation Act 1995. Criminal injury means one or more injuries directly attributable to:

  • A crime of violence or
  • The apprehension or attempted apprehension of an offender or suspected offender, the prevention or attempted prevention of an offence, or the giving of help to any police office who is engaged in any such activity and in so doing involves an exceptional risk.

There is no specific definition for an 'exceptional risk' however the level of risk applied by the Authority is substantially higher for police officers than it is for general members of the public.

How to claim:

Contact the Police Federation Office for a CICA Application form. Return the completed form to the Federation Office and we will administer the claim on your behalf.

If the initial application is turned down we will seek appropriate Legal advice/representation for the 'Review' stage and final Appeal stage.

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